BabyLiveAdvice is a mission driven organization founded in 2018 by Sigi Marmorstein, a nurse innovator, educator and a mother of three grown boys. By launching BabyLiveAdvice to the world, Sigi combined 22 years of clinical experience, health care management, international nursing, patient education, health innovation and telehealth implementation experience into one powerful Telehealth program.

The goal of BabyLiveAdvice is to provide compassionate, effective patient focused  support to expecting mothers, new parents and those caring for babies regardless of their location (nationally or internationally), language, social standing, ability to pay or educational level. We strive to provide answers and assistance during the difficult times pre and post pregnancy.

Research shows that 89% of pregnant women and new parents are under-informed or misinformed regarding their pregnancy, childbirth options, breast feeding and infant care. Lack of care access, short appointment times with health providers and early discharge from the hospital reduces the time allowed to educate and monitor moms and babies. Mental health issues identified as pre and postpartum depression affect 1 out of 7 women in the U.S. 

BabyLiveAdvice wants women to be informed and thus empowered to conceive safely, care for their bodies through their pregnancy and post-partum, have a healthy and safe pregnancy/delivery and be prepared for motherhood. By providing mothers and parents personalized knowledge and advice, we empower them to self-advocate, ask the right questions and seek effective care.

To achieve that goal, Sigi pulled together some of the top providers in the country. These providers are mothers who come from various clinical and cultural backgrounds who are passionate about women’s health and family care. Providers include certified maternal childcare specialists, NICU and Pediatric Nurses/Nurse Practitioners, Midwifes, Lactation Consultants, Nutritionists and Mental Health Providers. These providers are available to virtually support mothers/parents from preconception to early childhood, in 250+ languages by utilizing language translation services, accessible from all over the world.

BabyLiveAdvice’s program has been piloted extensively, and to date helped thousands of mothers and parents from all over the US and around the world, in their native language, providing one-on-one/group support through a caring provider. No more reliance on pamphlets, blogs, google searches or articles.

Our Vision

Our core vision is that every women, mother, parent and baby are safe, happy and healthy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve a million moms and babies from all over the world by 2025.

Our Team

Our Team Members have 100 years of healthcare, management, business and technology combined.

Sigi Marmorstein, MSN, FNP-BC

CEO / Chairman

Jim Finkelstein, MBA

Board Member, Business Development

Milton Chen, PHD


David Martin, JD

Board Member, Business/Legal Affairs

Eyal Zadik, MBA

Board Member, Business Development

Joni Chroman, Board of Advisors

COO FPA Women’s Health

Kate Warnock, Board of Advisors

Director of Brand Strategy, Forcura

Genevieve Colvin, Board of Advisors

Lactation, Policy and women’s health

Elaine Kopinga CNM, NP, Board of Advisors


Dale Alverson, MD, Board of Advisors

Medical Advisor, Telehealth Expert

Alexandro Arenas, MD, LATAM Business Development

Board of Advisors

Shawna Butler, RN MBA, Board of Advisors

Nurse Economist

Adrian Gamboa, MBA, LATAM Business Development

Board of Advisors