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  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Calculate baby’s due date
  • Sex when pregnant
  • First prenatal checkup
  • Genetic testing
  • Prenatal vitamins and nutrition
  • Nausea, heartburn, nutrition
  • Spider veins, stretch marks, allergies and rashes
  • Fitness activities for pregnant women
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Having twins
  • Fetal development and abnormalities
  • Driving/Riding in the car safely while pregnant
  • Home birth, C-Section, vaginal birth
  • Preparing for birth - pain medications, epidural, natural birth
  • Episiotomy
  • Choosing a coach/doula
  • Emotional preparedness
  • All other questions

  • After Child Birth:
    • Emotional and physical fatigue
    • Bonding with your baby
    • Pain and aches
    • Episiotomy and hemorroides care
    • Bleeding
    • Leg swelling, pain and cramps
    • Baby is here, now what.... (see infant page)

Get answers of your pregnancy and delivery related questions now

If you are expecting a baby, you already know about the challenges that you will face in the upcoming time. Whether it is the time of pregnancy, delivery or after childbirth, you will definitely find lots of complications due to several kinds of hormonal and physical changes in your body. It is always important to face the situation of pregnancy and delivery in a proper way with good information to avoid the complications and to handle the situation properly.

Now, no need to worry to find help of the professionals for first time pregnancy advice or delivery related information. We are here to provide the excellent services to all the ladies who want to contact the professional consultants for proper help regarding pregnancy, delivery or childbirth.

Advice of professional consultants and health experts:

If you are searching for the right health experts and consultants for health and good information, there is no platform like Baby Live Advice. At our website, we are working to connect you with the top professional consultants and health experts who are always available to help you in the best way. These professionals are certified and experienced to serve all the ladies in the proper way.

Whether it is about taking proper care of your health during pregnancy or preparing your body for healthy delivery and childbirth, we will serve you in the best way to handle all these situations. With professionals, you can also get help for unexpected pregnancy advice.

As you know that there will be several complications in unexpected pregnancy without proper planning. If you and your body are not prepared for pregnancy, you will need to take extra care during that time. It will be perfect to find services of these professionals at our website for all kinds of information and help as a pregnant woman.



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