This is Your Time by Elaine Kopinga, BabyLiveAdvice Midwife

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Advice for pregnancy

A joyful pregnancy in uncertain times This was supposed to be your time. Your time to be surrounded by family, friends and well-wishers. Your time to feel the warm touch of future grandparents, aunts and uncles. Your time to sit face to face with others who have undergone the incredible journey of pregnancy and to soak up all the advice and counsel possible. Your time for gender reveal parties, showers and celebrations.
In a few short weeks, the jarring and unfathomable arrival of COVID-19 changed everything. All of the joy and community you had anticipated has been replaced with solitude, anxiety and uncertainty. Each
day, more changes, and seemingly, more is taken away. We hear from expectant mothers daily about just how terrifying a pregnancy is during this
unprecedented time. How separation from family and loved ones takes a monumental toll. How infinitely complicated a delivery may be during a quarantine. How those first, precious days of new life will be lived in a solitary and upside-down world. And while the path to joy is now more winding, the miracle of childbirth is greater and more enduring
than any of the challenges you are facing today. 

Let me share with you my most precious memories of bringing my three children into the world. I remember the feeling of excitement and limitless possibility each time I felt their movements inside
me, each passing day bringing more expectation and excitement for their arrival as they rolled, pushed, kicked and prodded. I remember the hearing their first cry as they arrived, knowing that I would be the one to show them all of the new discoveries and opportunities that would await them in their new world. I remember their fascination with even the smallest things in the world around them and feeling inspired for what would await them with each passing day; lullabies, butterflies, sunrises and sunsets. I remember all that they would teach me about true patience, true reward, and most importantly, true love.
I remember the sounds, large and small, from loud cries to tiny gurgles, and every subtle movement that affirmed that they were alive, they were mine, and I was theirs.

These are the memories that will endure, and the moments that not even a global pandemic can take away. They will take permanent residence in your heart and they will be with you for every remaining minute of your life. When you strip away the ceremony and the formality, the essence of joy…real joy bursts forward in beautiful colors and glorious music. And even when everything changes, nothing changes. This is your time. This was always your time.

All of us at Baby Live Advice are here for you every step of the way, and we want to help you navigate this truly special time. So reach out to us with your questions, concerns, and hopes, and let’s take this

journey of joy together.